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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 14, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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>> hey there, everyone, these are our top stories at this hour. another terrifying and brutal beheading by the terror group
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isis. david hanes was executed. his brother speaking out. >> plus the plan to destroy isis. john kerry saying that some nations are indeed read kwa oto take action. what is that action going to look like? >> and a live look in iowa where bill and hillary clinton are expected to speak any moment. >> heartbreak for the family of david hanes. they are in mourning after tror militants behead the 44-year-old aid worker. it was posted online. the mass militant sounds very much like the man we saw in
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previous videos. the executional blames the death on great britain. it is not going cause britain to waiver. strengthen the country's resolve to defeat isis. >> we are a peaceful people. we do not seek out confrontation. we need to understand. we cannot ignore this threat. there is no option of keeping our heads down that would make us safe. the problem would merely get worse as it has done over recent months. we cannot just walk on by if we are to keep this country safe. we have to confront this menace. >> and while governments react,
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haines is being remembered as a loving husband and father to his two children. >> brother, son, father, nephew, husband and friend brutally and cold-bloodedly murdered. we can only praise and give our thanks to the agency. we agreed with the government that they were extremely dangerous and pose a threat to
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every nation, every religion, every person. standby. nick, you first. what more do we know about prescribe's plan. >> he has ruled out boots on the ground. he has not ruled out the use of aircraft for strikes. he doesn't have the political support. the british people have to understand kand bury their heads on this one. he's really setting an agenda here. begin a more earnest debate and therefore when the political
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support he needs to commit british forces more aggressively supporting the united states. >> watching this brutal execution and listening to it it seems as though it was poking great britain. not only did they have david haines read a statement saying this is the same thing that tony blair did, but the killer also says this is something that you should not be doing. what are you doing? he said we continue to
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investigate. we're sharing this identification with our allies meaning the united states. and he didn't give any details about it. they are being arrested when they get back to britain. some of them face charges. they are getting questioned about what they did there what they saw. through that mechanism. >> it is interesting. david clearly has his hands full. he is dealing with scotland right now. what is the appetite of the british people in terms of dealing with isis and getting the uk involved. >> like the people in the united states, they have seen the br
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brutal beheadings. they are repulsed by it. people here are very aware after what's going on and growing support for stronger action against people, young man, young women going syria to join the fight. if you will, the mood is one of increased anger. you're absolutely right. it is literally too close to call this week. inside syria's support, the united states must deal on the front burner with this issue.
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no prime minister in this country would want to go down in history as the man that essentially oversaw the break up of the united kingdom. >> interesting. nick robertson, thank you very much. aaron joins us from the white house. erin, secretary carry, has he made any progress? are we hearing names of actual countries that will be part of this coalition? >> dep, we are. it's becoming a much longer list than the administration started talking about last weekend when there was a nebulous coalition forming of nine other countries
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and it wasn't very clear what the goals were at the time. senior state department officials are starting to lay out the longer list of countries and what each country is willing to do. a lot of progress has been made over the past week but really in the past couple of days and secretary terry has been in cairo. he is in paris today. he was also on cbs this morning and he addressed the progress that is being made. >> we have countries in this region, countries outside of this region.
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>> to the point that secretary kerry is saying, no american combat troops on the ground. there are, of course, security personnel this idea that there can be no american combat forces on the ground is lawing a lot of skepticism in washington, particularly from republicans who are really beating the drums and saying that something bigger needs to happen here. >> it's going to take an army to beat an army. this idea that we will never have any boots on the ground is fantasy so i will not let this
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president suggest to the american people we can outsource our security. this is not about our safety. there is no way in hell you can form an army on the ground to go into syria to destroy isil without a substantial american component. >> what public opinion is showing us right now according to our latest polls is that large ma joyties 60% or so said that. so, with some of the comments that we're hearing from republicans, that of course could change. >> thank you. and at any moment, former
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president bill clinton is going to take the microphone in iowa. you see hillary clinton there waving. they are there to support the midterm elections. it will be interesting to hear what they have to say. hillary clinton was asked about immigration. she was also if she was going to run in 2016. this is a good opportunity for the potential candidate to get out there and touch base with folks from iowa.
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>> so, you can see them enjoying what is a fine day in iowa. look how we read into today's speeches by hillary clinton and bill clinton once they're made. ron, i want to get to you first. this is not just a photo op. there is something very serious going on here. what is happening that we need to know about? terms of the whole clinton machine? >> she has two intersecting one is the question of her age. she will be 69. the other is whether she is out of touch, whether it be the
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clintons now have been so affluent that they don't understand the challenges of ordinary challenges of ordinary americans. very quickly, she has to deal with the fact that the democratic party is very quick today. over the past 20 years, a lot of older blue collar -- have left the democratic party and become much more republicans. >> how much more significant is hillary clinton as a candidate given the fact that she is secretary of state, has international experience and right now there is a heavy focus on u.s. foreign policy. >> well, i think it's helpful. i think what's happening now
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frankly makes it that much more helpful. experience does matter. at the end of the day, the people in iowa, you know, whether she flew 2 million miles around the world in a very nice united states of america jet, went to world capitols and sat down with international leaders to talk about loflty issues, that's all very nice. but what they want to know is how she feels and what she thinks about issues like ethynol, farming, what she thinks about issues that affect their daily lives. what they want is to see her do some retail policies and we isn't seen hillary clinton do that since she left state. there is a very tight race in iowa for the senate. and i also think you're going to maybe hear her drop a joke or something about the last time
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she was in iowa and what those memories were like, but i think we'll be left reading a lot of tea leaves this time. >> she came in third in iowa this time. unlikely that she's going to be looking back and reminding people of that fact. let me ask you, when you think about what hillary clinton has to do, she does have good international policy experience. but is she going to as anna suggests, be able to point to domestic issues that are really relevant to the people throughout the united states in terms of parming and direction? ones, the economy all of that? >> i agree with everything that anna and ron said. this election in november is about where the country is right now and by the time she's running for president she's going to have to be where the country is going. i think she knows that and that she has been thinking a lot about that. i have no doutd thbt that clint
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fans focusing on the middle class, really caring about individuals and how they are paying for the daily lives of their kids and education and the like are really strongly held things for hillary clinton and issues that she had a huge amount of credibility over the years. i think that we will see the next generation of her thinking on that. i don't think we will see it today, though. our expectations should be in check about that. >> ron, you mentioned hillary clinton's age when she runs. look, there are a lot of older candidates who ran for president. barack obama happens to be especially young. do you think that that's really going to be an issue? the fact that she's going to be 69 when this all goes down? >> i think the issue is really more kind of relevance and understanding of what americans are going through today. i think that is the challenge.
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the clintons have been on the stage for a long time. they have a tremendous brand for feeling your pain and relating to the middle class. you know, we are in annage where there is a lot of doubt about whether politicians really get what families are facing. i think both the age is a function of that. there's not going be so much is she up to the job. it's does she still understand what's happening? does she have a new generation of thinking? part of her challenge is after eight years of a democratic president who right now is facing a negative judgment from a mo majority of the country. it has been very hard. she has to show why her results would be better than what the americans have judged and seen understand president obama. >> we're going to squeeze in a very quick break. i'm going to ask you the top three issues that hillary
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now you could have done it twice. this is awkward. go to checkyourspeed. if we can't offer faster speeds or save you money we'll give you $150. comcast business built for business. >> and we're looking at a live picture right now of bill and hillary clinton there at the iowa steak fry hosted by senator tom harkin.
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critics might say that perhaps they never really left. how do you see that? >> i think there might be a point to that. i think it's what makes them today part of the establishment in a democrat party. the clintons are not part of that establishment. before we used to blik establishment and experiment.
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clintons have to recast the brand. we just want -- they will be taking the mic. you said they need to recap the brand. >> hillary clinton has to introduce herself to the country again. she started assuming everyone knew who she was. she has to convince people to
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believe in politics that a democrat could grab ahold of the system and govern president obama the third thing is just the policy. she has got to be focused. >> what now? what kind of catch phrase can hillary clinton create that defines what the issues are for the majority of americans at this moment in time?
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>> that creates a push towards the out party. the tail wind is a basic demography. republicans are not doing anything. barack obama won in 2012. she is extremely well positioned to do better than that. i think the question is going to be as hillary clinton noted, can you find a way to convince americans that you have a plan to have a broader circumstancing
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of prosperity. more people benefitting from the economy. new approaches to keep us safe in the world and some vision of how you break the gridlock in washington. >> it's really kind of hard to be predicting right now.
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>> that action will change on what i will be giving it today. i think people are sick of the gridlock and paralysis and they want to see somebody that can lead, unite and govern. it was interesting to me today that tom harkins gave an interview on one of the sunday shows and he was asked if he knew what hillary clinton stood for. and he couldn't answer. we don't know. it is certainly not going to be
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>> and she's not officially a candidate but she is looking rather presidential. she is doing everything she can perhaps to become a white house hopeful. that includes an appearance at a key event in a critical state for any democrat who plans to run for president.
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>> hillary clinton has been the inevitable candidate before. nowadays she's laughing along with the jokes in a friday service for poet mya angelo. >> first and foremost, madame president -- excuse me. [ applause ] >> we're going to get up tomorrow and keep pushing as hard as we can. >> the steak fry hosted by the state's long time democratic senator is a must. but for clinton, iowa is the state that cobbled her white house ambitions right out of the gate. >> she is as commanding of her honor. but there are a lot who don't
1:39 pm
want her to take it for granted. >> what we're doing today is a building a new field of dreams for the country we love. >> so great being back here. >> clinton began her reintroduction in a book tour with many stumbles. >> not only dead broke but in debt. >> it provoked observations that political stills are still justry.
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>> we bring back our panel waiting to take the panel. farmers, veterans, and those with disabilities. let's go back to our guests. the first thing the opposition will do is they will try to get as much bad stuff on the opponent as they possibly can so that they know. is there anything about the clintons that we don't know right now? >> you never know what you don't know right? clearly, the lines of argument that republicans want to use, i think, are beginning to emerge. one is that she is too old. another is that the clintons are out of touch.
1:41 pm
and finally this general challenge that you face at the end of eight years. if a majority of the country disapproves when he leaves. the white house changed hands. they will try to paint her as a continue bags of what people are dissatisfied. her challenge is to show why she would be different while continuing in the same direction. where are her weaknesses that you see that will obviously be
1:42 pm
exploited? >> you know, i actually think this age thing is not going to be a determining issue. but i do think it's going to be an issue and it should be. i think she is going to have to talk about it and answer it. it's obvious that she has got stamina and it's obvious that she can conduct a very heavy schedule. so, will it be an issue? yes. will it be a determining issue? no. >> sohillry, obviously age. she can -- also a woman. last time we saw a lot of what you could call anti-feminist notions. we saw hillary clinton taking
1:43 pm
over the world. there was something negative. is that acceptable any longer? are people going to go after her because she is a woman? despite the experience that she could potentially bring? >> i'm sure people will go after her. sexism isn't going to go away just because hillary clinton runs for president. one of the things that happened in the last campaign is the attacks on her ended up having a galvanizing effect. it kept her in the primary longer. it helped her fight back with a little more passion and win a few more states. i think the fact that she is a woman is not just obvious but
1:44 pm
will be enormously exciting. even a lot of my republican women friends who feel like the bar is a little higher for republican men in this election if they're going to take on hillary clinton. >> yes, for two particular reasons i think she appeals to independent and republican women. that is that she is seen as strong on national security she has that experience. that she would have been a little more aggressive than barack obama. and that she has that fiscal conservative perspective about being a little more pro-business. those are things that she has to be careful about in a democratic primary. in a general election they will appeal in broader terms. that will be a very tight balance for her.
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this is holly. her long day of outdoor adventure starts with knee pain. and a choice. take 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. onward! >> and you're looking at a live picture of bill and hillary
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clinton. we want to take a turn and talk to our weekend anchor. was it worth it? >> oh, it was so worth it. seventh months of intense training. it's a huge fundraiser. $1.2 million raise. i had my personal best. it was the first time i have been in this triathlon. they all didder that best, swam our ardest and ran as fast as we could. my run is awful. but it got me across the finish line. really glad to be a part of a
1:50 pm
great fundraiser and really a great team of folks. >> i like to leave athletics to the athletes. would you do it again? >> i will do it again. i am here next year. this is a complete surprise. i missed my name being announced during the presentation because i thought there is not a chance. i went to get my stuff. sanjay got first. and he toldme i got third place. i said okay, i have got to have the moment of standing on the podium. >> that is amazing. >> we all got this for crossing the finish line. >> now you can go back next year and get first place. well done. i will be right there with you. >> i will give it my best.
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>> we're going to take you now live to iowa. this is what everybody has been waiting for. hillary clinton at the mic. >> i'm so glad to be with all of you on this beautiful day. now, we're all here to thank tom and ruth for their decades of service to our nation. for their generosity, their optimism, their unflagging energy and their passion. to help more people in more places share in the american dream. i want to thank not only tom and ruth but i want to thank amy and jenny and the entire harkin family for sharing tom and ruth with us over those years.
1:54 pm
it's great to be with a lot of friends and i echo what tom said about tom's service as secretary of agriculture. he and i worked together. he really likes my book because he's in it. you know, it dpuz really feel just like yesterday when i was last here at the harkins steak fry or as my husband likes to call it, the stir fri. s as i recall, there was a young senator from illinois there. the same time -- and i wonder whatever happened to him.
1:55 pm
well, it's been several years and a lot of changed. senator obama became president obama. and to my great surprise, he asked me to join his team so we went from rivals to partners to friends. and let me tell you, he sure loves iowa. i have to admit i wasn't sure what to say. i have got a few things on my mind these things.
1:56 pm
first -- first and most importantly, bill and i are on constant grandchild watch. i'm calling chelsea every five minutes to make sure things are going already. and when the big moment comes, you can bet that i will drop everything to be there in a flash so i'm telling you now if you see us sprinting off the stage, that's why. and then of course, there's that other thing. it is true. i am thinking about it. but, but for today, that is not why i'm here. i heem here for the steak.
1:57 pm
for four years as secretary of state, i was more likely to be eating yak meat in mongolia, having a great time doing it, but thinking a lot about being back home. and i'm here first and foremost his running mate, for stacy and dave all of the great dand kates that are bearing the democratic party standard. now think about it. in just 50 days, iowans have a choice to make. a choice and a chance. a choice between the guardians
1:58 pm
of gridlock who will carry on tom harkin's legacy of carrying on hard working families. to elect a governor who believes the economy should work for everyone. women should be able to make our own health care decisions.
1:59 pm
and that, believe it or not, equal pay should mean that you get equal pay for equal work. so although it's wonderful we're all here to salute tom and ruth and for bill and me to come back to be with you, i know there are a lot of other things you could be doing on this beautiful afternoon. you're here, too. and you're here because something or someone inspired you inspired you to get off of the sidelines. maybe you want to do your part. you know what it is. no matter who you are or where you come from, if you work hard and you play by the rules, you deserve the opportunity to --
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the same opportunity as anyone else to build a good life for yourself and your family. that spark was lit just 20 miles from here in that small town of coming iowa. for ruth, it was a small farming town in minnesota. the coal miner's son and schoolteacher's daughter learned that the only direction that matters in life is forward. and they also learned to never quick, never lose faith, never stop fighting for others when you get knocked down, get right back up. so that's why they're


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